Focus on Fundamentals: Your Guide to Responsible Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading. Crypto Regulations. India. LotusX

The allure of cryptocurrencies is undeniable. The potential for high returns, coupled with revolutionary technology, has drawn millions into space. However, with great potential comes great responsibility. Investing in any asset requires knowledge, discipline, and a healthy dose of caution – cryptocurrencies are no exception. While many blogs highlight basic responsible trading practices, this one […]

A Month with Bitcoin ETFs: A Seismic Shift or a Blip on the Radar?

Bitcoin ETF. Gold. PriceRise. LotusX

It’s been a month since the historic launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, and the crypto market has been abuzz with anticipation. So, what major shifts have we witnessed, and what does the future hold? Initial Excitement, Measured Impact The launch was met with fervent enthusiasm. Bitcoin briefly touched $52,000, its highest point […]

Budget 2024: A Horizon for India’s Crypto Community or Another Brick in the Wall?

Budget 2024. Indian Budget 2024. LotusX

The Indian crypto community, after a rollercoaster ride in 2023, eagerly awaits Budget 2024, hoping for some much-needed clarity and direction. While the past year saw the introduction of a 30% flat tax on crypto gains and a 1% TDS on every transaction, it also brought increased government engagement and a growing recognition of the […]

Beyond Buzzwords: Exploring Hidden Gems in the Cryptocurrency World

Cryptocurrency trends. LotusX

The siren song of Bitcoin might dominate headlines, but the vast sea of cryptocurrency beckons with a dizzying array of hidden treasures. While established giants like Ethereum and Cardano hold their own, smaller, innovative projects are quietly carving their niches, brimming with potential. But navigating this digital El Dorado can be daunting. This blog cuts […]

Trading Time Travel: Powered By AI Crypto Trading Tools

How can AI help in crypto trading? AI-powered crypto bots

The volatile world of cryptocurrency beckons with its potential for exponential gains, but navigating its treacherous waters can be a bumpy ride. Enter the crypto trading bots, like a knight in shining armour, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). But before you hand over your digital reins, let’s delve into the murky depths of AI-powered tools […]

How Indians Can Tap the Bitcoin ETF Boom: A Comprehensive Guide Beyond LRS

How can Indian Investors invest in Bitcoin ETF? LotusX.

The surge in popularity of spot Bitcoin ETFs has sparked excitement across the globe, and India is no exception. However, navigating the path to invest in these coveted instruments as an Indian investor can be tricky. While many blogs discuss the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) as the primary option, this guide delves deeper into exploring […]

Breaking Down the Walls: Interoperability Solutions for a Blockchain Ecosystem Without Borders

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The blockchain revolution is in full swing, but one thing holds it back: fragmentation. Imagine a world where you can’t seamlessly travel between countries, each with its currency and incompatible infrastructure. That’s the current state of blockchains, with isolated networks hindering the free flow of assets and information. But fear not, crypto enthusiasts, for interoperability […]

Crypto Catapults into 2024: A Market Overview

LotusX crypto 2024: Market overview

Buckle up, crypto enthusiasts, because the new year has started with a rocket strapped to the digital asset class. After a December that saw Bitcoin skyrocket nearly 160%, the entire cryptocurrency market is still surfing the wave of bullish sentiment.  Bitcoin Basking in New Highs  The undisputed king of crypto, Bitcoin, is currently basking in […]

Current Cryptocurrency Trends in India

cryptocurrency in India. Is crypto adoption in India rising? Why is it rising? LotusX

Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword globally, and India is no exception to this digital revolution. Over the past few years, the Indian cryptocurrency landscape has witnessed significant developments, bringing both opportunities and challenges. In this blog, we’ll delve into the current trends shaping the cryptocurrency scene in India. Growing Popularity and Acceptance Cryptocurrencies are gaining […]

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