Mastercard and CBDCs: A Growing Partnership

Master card and CBDC Alliance: Why is it important?

Mastercard, known for its global payment infrastructure and innovation in financial services, has been at the forefront of digital payment solutions for decades. In recognition of the growing importance of CBDCs, Mastercard has been actively exploring ways to integrate them into its existing payment ecosystem.  Why is Mastercard Strengthening Ties with CBDC? Mastercard, the global […]

BIS Survey Indicates 24 Central Banks Aiming for Digital Currencies by 2030

BIS Survey: CBDC by 2030

CBDCs are digital representations of fiat money that central banks have issued and are in charge of. They are meant to provide the same functionality as cash while adding the advantages of electronic payments. For instance, CBDCs could track and trace transactions and make quick, inexpensive payments. Why are Central Banks interested in Digital Currency? […]

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