What Is LotusX?

What is LotusX?
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About LotusX – Introduction & USP’s of LotusX

LotusX: Transparent and Secure Centralized Trading Platform!

LotusX is a reliable centralized platform offering transparent and secure cryptocurrency trading. LotusX provides traders with a seamless trading experience with high liquidity and low fees. Sign up now and start trading on LotusX!

What is LotusX?

LotusX is an India–based centralized cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2021. Centralized meaning, LotusX, the platform allows trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies. LotusX is currently available for Indian residents with a comprehensive list of 30 cryptocurrencies for trade, including Blue Chip, Web 3.0, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT tokens.

LotusX quickly assessed the growing demand for a centralized platform in India and the determination of people to achieve a sense of economic freedom while being compliant with Indian regulations. The idea was conceived to enable easy trading of Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, that quickly qualified as a bonafide asset. Our vision was simple; we wanted to uncomplicate cryptocurrency trading for Indians and provide them with a user-friendly platform to use efficiently and securely.

Is a Centralized Platform better?

A natural question is why the Indian market is more inclined towards a centralized trading platform. Here are a few reasons:

Easy accessibility

A centralized trading platform provides a single platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, This makes it easier for users to access the market and trade cryptocurrencies,

Trust and Security

Centralized trading platforms are considered more secure as they have better security measures to protect user funds. This is because we store 95% of the funds in cold storage wallets that aren’t connected to the internet.

Regulatory compliance

The government can regulate a centralized trading platform, ensuring it complies with the necessary regulations and guidelines. This helps create a more stable and trustworthy ecosystem for cryptocurrencies in India.


A centralized platform can offer greater liquidity, allowing traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies quickly. This helps to create a more stable market for cryptocurrencies in India.

Customer support

A centralized platform can offer better customer support to users, providing them with assistance and guidance on trading and other issue.

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The need for major trading sites increases along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies in India. Our goal at LotusX is to open the world’s financial system to everyone. Today, how we invest, spend, save, and manage our money, in general, is still complicated, hard to get to, expensive, and isolated by region. On the contrary, the Internet has changed our society by connecting people worldwide and making sharing information easy.

Why Should You Choose LotusX?

Centralized trading platforms like LotusX have higher trading volumes and liquidity than decentralized platforms. Apart from solid security and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, LotusX offers advanced charting tools and a robust infrastructure. Here are a few features that add to our uniqueness and why you should choose us as your trading platform:

Free and Easy to Use

LotusX is a free and easy-to-use trading platform. Most platforms these days have a brilliant interface but aren’t smartphone compatible. Our USP lies in the fact that our platform is UIX-friendly and compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.


Our platform takes pride in providing the best EKYC across the industry. You can now experience quick and hassle-free verification with our secure and reliable process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Partial Order Modification

The partial order modification feature allows traders to change an existing order by modifying only a portion of the original order. This can benefit traders who want to adjust their market position while keeping a part of their initial order.

Personalized Financial Concierge Services

LotusX offers OTC transaction services or personalized financial services for high-value trades for both HNIs and institutions, ensuring they are secure and discreet.

Trade SMS and E-mail

We offer SMS and e-mail updates comprising your trade details. The SMS holds the total traded value based on the PAN and mobile number. The e-mail holds detailed transactional information, the buying/selling price, the quantity bought/sold, etc.

Compatible with most blockchains

LotusX supports the smooth trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens built across various blockchain networks. A platform must have an impeccable technical infrastructure to support such trades.

Fee Transparency

We proudly associate ourselves with no hidden costs or agendas. The platform is free to use with 0.3% trading fees. This fee is levied on every transaction. We also provide complete analysis and bifurcation of TDS and other applicable taxes.

VDA transfer on request and acknowledgment

LotusX allows easy transfers of VDAs or cryptocurrencies on request and acknowledges the transfer.

Bottom Line

With the exponential speed at which technology is pacing, the traditional financial system faces trouble keeping up with the pace. Hence, we need a new financial system to incorporate current trends and secure our money. LotusX is here to do exactly that for its users.

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