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LotusX: Transparent and Secured Trading Platform. Learn more on all things crypto market and blockchain related.
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LotusX is a leading crypto trading platform, providing businesses and individual clients with secure and reliable trading solutions. Our platform offers customizable profiles, security, and 24/7 support to help businesses and clients grow and succeed in the crypto market. Join us today and start trading with confidence.

What is LotusX?

LotusX is a centralized trading platform committed to transparent and secured trading. Do you know what sets us apart from our peers? We have no native token on our platform, which means ZERO manipulation and high levels of transparency. As a business organization, partnering with us can be fruitful and secure for all. Read on to learn why a B2B model is necessary for a centralized trading platform like ours and what more we offer in our partnerships. 

Why is a B2B model required for a centralized trading platform?

A B2B model, in simple terms, refers to a Business-to-Business model, meaning the exchange of products and services between businesses. Here are a few critical factors of a B2B model for a centralized trading platform. 

User Management: The platform should allow businesses to create and manage their accounts, including setting up profiles, accessing trading features, and managing their preferences.

Market Data: The platform should provide businesses with real-time market data, including price quotes, charts, and other indicators.

Customer Support: The platform should offer businesses reliable customer support through various channels such as phone, email, and chat to ensure prompt resolution of any issues.

Integration Capabilities: The platform should offer businesses easy integration with other tools and platforms, such as accounting software and inventory management systems, to streamline their trading operations.

Seamless Transactions: You will be able to complete all transactions seamlessly and with greater transparency with the high-end technology of LotusX. And this, without a doubt, will be very reassuring for your clients.

Knowledge Building: An extensive training program makes you a pro in trading on LotusX. After this training, you can complete most transactions without error and provide impeccable services to your clients, reinforcing their trust in you.

24×7 Support: You are never alone in case your clients have any problems or queries. Our dedicated customer support desk is available round-the-clock to assist you. In turn, you can resolve your client’s questions promptly and to their satisfaction.

By including these components in their B2B model, centralized trading platforms can provide businesses with a seamless, efficient, and secure trading experience.

What is Unique in LotusX’s B2B Model?

LotusX is India’s regulated and centralized trading platform, with top-notch security as one of its key features. Apart from the features mentioned above, here is why choosing to trade on LotusX would be an intelligent decision on many counts. 

Business Referral Programs: While similar to the B2C model, some differences exist. For instance, the rewards could be a percentage of the trading fees generated by the referred customer for each successful referral.

Priority Customer Support: At LotusX, we ensure faster response times, dedicated support staff, and other perks to ensure that priority customers receive the highest level of assistance and attention.

Static Links and Unique Referral Codes: The method is adopted to track the referral codes. However, we do not provide dynamic referral codes, meaning they cannot be written over. A unique referral code is a personalized code given to each customer that refers friends or family. This allows companies to track and reward the referrer for each successful referral.

Priority Withdrawal and Deposits: LotusX takes up to 24 hours for withdrawals and deposits. However, for our business partners, we have enabled the withdrawal and deposit within 12 hours for fiat currencies and Virtual Digital assets

Co-Marketing: We offer collaborative marketing strategies for business partners to promote and refer to each other’s products and services including webinars, campaigns, creatives, content creation, brochures, and even physical kits for when you meet the clients. 

Real-time Market data: We provide regular financial data, including coin prices, exchange rates, and trading volumes. This data is critical for traders and investors to make informed decisions based on current market trends, news, and events.

1-1 support for B2B2C clients: LotusX is driven to provide personalized and dedicated support to its business customers and end-users. This service is designed to address specific concerns, queries, and issues faced by the business and its customers in real-time, providing timely and effective solutions. Our team is driven to build stronger relationships and enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Revenue Sharing: We share 50% of our brokerage revenue with our business partners with successful referrals. For instance, if Mr. X trades for INR 1000 on LotusX, our brokerage fee will be INR 3, of which the platform will give INR 1.5 to our business partner. 

Bottom Line

LotusX is designed to provide users with an easy, transparent, and secure trading experience. However, our business model is not restricted to only B2B; we also offer a class apart B2C experience. Hop onboard and see the magic unfold!

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