The Need for LotusX – A Transparent & Secure Crypto Trading Platform

Why We Need LotusX, a Trustworthy, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
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LotusX is a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a transparent, secure, and user-friendly experience for traders. Learn why LotusX is the solution for your crypto trading needs.

What led to the conceptualization of LotusX?

Why We Need LotusX, a Trustworthy, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Cyber Attacks? Lack of Transparency? Unethical trading practices? Zero Accountability? Tired of paying high brokerage? Worry No More! LotusX, India’s best-centralized trading platform, has got you covered. 

LotusX is an Indian centralized trading platform with a clear vision to enable transparent and secure crypto trading. India has a large population and a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. However, the platforms in the market were not very user-friendly or easy to navigate for the not-so-nuanced users. Hence, LotusX focused on developing a trading platform that is UIX-compatible with all smartphones. 

LotusX also identified several issues with the existing platforms, such as a lack of transparency, lack of security, high brokerage, and no solid EKYC. The platform decided to build its USPs around these loopholes. LotusX should be your preferred platform for the following reasons:

Transparent: When buying or selling any crypto or VDA on LotusX, the users can see the amount of GST, TDS, and Brokerage mentioned clearly. This allows us to ensure transparency with our clients so that they know what they are charged for and there are no hidden costs or charges. 

Secure: Our platform is built using robust technology that helps secure our wallets, pool wallets, and client wallets. Additionally, we run a 2FA authentication for the wallets as it adds a layer of security, making it difficult for hackers to access your wallet. It also prevents unauthorized access to your wallet. 

Another important aspect of our security feature is that when withdrawing crypto, we seek acknowledgment via email to ensure the address belongs to an Indian domain. 

Lowest Brokerage in the Market: You can now buy your favorite cryptocurrencies at the lowest brokerage rate, 0.30%. LotusX’s brokerage rate is fixed, irrespective of your trade size. Additionally, withdrawals and deposits of fiat currency(INR) cryptos are free of charge. 

Top-notch EKYC: No solid KYC is the most common problem with crypto trading platforms. Many may argue that a decentralized economy should have anonymity. However, we differ. LotusX believes in solid EKYC to ensure client security and to keep malpractices at bay. In order to comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering Act) and CFT (Combating Financing of Terrorism) laws, EKYC becomes imperative. 

Why We Need LotusX, a Trustworthy, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Additionally, it helps build a transparent and secure environment for crypto traders and investors. 

Can you change your BTC for INR? Can you BTC for ETH? Can you buy ADA with INR? Can you withdraw INR? Can you withdraw BTC? YES, you can! To know the details, please click here. 

Why Invest in Crypto?

Why We Need LotusX, a Trustworthy, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Crypto, cryptocurrency, or VDAs (Virtual Digital Assets) are all the same thing working under different terminology as per user convenience. There have been tons written on this topic. Apart from the key features of cryptocurrency, like decentralization and privacy, here are a few reasons you should consider investing in cryptos or VDAs now. 

  • Global Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies can be used and traded globally, and they offer a fast and easy way to transfer funds across borders without intermediaries. Also, there has been a considerable rise in acceptance, which marks a positive report on its future. 
  • Potential for High Returns: Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile asset class and therefore offer the potential for high returns if you invest wisely. We have said it before; we’ll say again, “Volatility creates an opportunity for growth and profit.” However, it is essential to remember that high returns come with high risks.
  • Secure: Cryptocurrencies are developed using a mining technique and secured using advanced cryptographic techniques, which makes them difficult to counterfeit or hack. If you take appropriate security measures, such as storing your cryptocurrency in a secure wallet and using two-factor authentication, you can protect your funds against theft. Both these features are an added layer of LotusX’s security protocol. 
  • Resilient Store of Value: Another reason to invest in cryptocurrency is the need for a reliable, long-term store of value. Most cryptocurrencies are capped with a limited supply and are built with mathematical algorithms that add to their value and subtract governing intervention. 

Key Takeaway!

If you are one of those, who have been looking for a crypto trading platform with all the security features and transparency. You have arrived at the right destination. Click here to download our app and begin your journey. 

While there have been rounds of crypto being the future of finance, it is only wise to invest in measuring the pros and cons of the asset class. Under no circumstances should you consider this article as an investment advice. Your evaluation and calculations are highly recommended. 

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